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Prime Pixels Photography
Prime Pixels Photography
Prime Pixels Photography
Prime Pixels Photography
Brisbane Real Estate Photography
Twilight Photography Brisbane


Captivating photography for all spaces

Our Story

Prime Pixels is a Real Estate Photography team based in Brisbane.  We have captured thousands of properties in Brisbane and surrounds in all their structural glory, and we continue to see every new property with a fresh eye, unabated enthusiasm, and passionate creativity.  We aspire to deliver beautiful, clean and creative images for properties of all shapes, sizes and markets.
Prime Pixels' philosophy is simple: Exceptional Service, Fast Turnaround, Superb Images.
Our experienced photographers' love for architecture, design and imagery, combined with their technical skills and constant drive to improve their craft, is what makes our photography 
stand out from the crowd.

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Brisbane Real Estate Photography


A Place in the Sun

Daytime photography is suitable for all properties. Homes bathed in sunlight will appear more vibrant and exude inviting energy, and a clear blue sky provides the perfect backdrop. If the weather is not co-operating on the day your property is photographed, we will do our best to rectify it when we edit your images.

Twilight Photography Brisbane


The Blue Hour

Twilight is the magical window between sunset and dusk which provides natural bluish-violet lighting that can add spectacular appeal to your property if captured correctly.  Best suited to homes with plenty of interior lighting and windows, Twilight Photography can also showcase pools with underwater lighting to stunning effect. Twilight photography is a specialised field and difficult to get right. Prime Pixels' photographers are specialists in twilight architectural photography.

Prime Pixels Photography



A Bird's Eye View

Show your property from a different perspective! Pole and Drone photography capture your property from above, demonstrating it's aspect, relative distance from places of interest, and placement in relation to the surrounding area.

Our 8.5mtr portable mast allows us to access areas of the property without being anchored to a vehicle. 
Our Drone pilots are licensed and Prime Pixels is CASA certified and fully insured.


Real Estate in Motion

Video is a clever tool to add to your campaign as it can speak to the emotions of a potential buyer, highlighting the feel and flow of the property.
All videos are set to a carefully chosen soundtrack, with options to include agent presentation or voiceover, or professional voiceover for the camera-shy! Drone footage can also be added subject to location restrictions.

Real Estate Floor Plan


Perfect Proportions

Floor Plans are a fantastic cost-effective tool to include in your marketing. Whilst photographs display the visual aspect of each room, floor plans provide the buyer with the key to tie them together by means of overall layout and individual room dimensions.

Add a Site Plan to illustrate external areas in relation to the home such as pools, garden beds, trees, paths and water tanks. 

Virtual Furniture


A Decorative Touch

Virtual staging is the process of digitally adding furniture to images of your vacant property. Vacant homes can be more difficult to sell, as many buyers can't visualise the purpose of a room or it's potential when it is empty. Virtual furniture is a cost-effective way to give your vacant property a stylish "lived in" look for your online and sign board marketing, and help to get buyers in the door.

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Real Estate Photographer Brisbane


For pricing and booking enquiries, please feel free to use the form below and we will respond within 24 hours. Alternatively you can call us on the numbers below.

Brisbane, Qld Australia

1800 PIXELS (749357)

Jorma: 0424 205 603 Maya: 0414 663 422

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